Marcia and Hannah

Managing Member, Marcia Welch, APDT Professional Member #148, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has been teaching people to train their dogs for over 20 years and is dedicated to helping people strengthen and maintain the bond they share with their dogs. She is passionate about Training and Learning (through continuing education in Learning Theory, Classroom Instruction, Ethology, and Animal Husbandry and in all of the areas of interest in which she teaches and competes) and enthusiastically shares that joy with her students. She says "It is a particular pleasure to help to shape well behaved, cherished family companions as well as competition-ready teams."

She is the former President and Training Coordinator for Casco Bay Dog Training Club (CBDTC). She is a member of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA), the Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE), Northeast Stockdog Association (NESA), she has been a member of Therapy Dogs International (TDI), served as New England co-coordinator for ASCNE Rescue. She is a Member (#148) of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Marcia trains her own dogs in obedience, agility, herding, rally, tracking, K9 NoseWork, and musical canine freestyle. She has enjoyed national and regional recognition and multiple high-in-trials in various venues with her dogs in the areas in which she trains and competes and is grateful to her dogs as teachers, partners, and friends. She credits her dogs and their joy in learning through reward based training for her successes. She says "It is a privilege to partner with such wonderful, unique beings. I love the bond that is forged through training. It is a natural outgrowth of my lifelong love of animals in general, and dogs in particular".
May Mitchell

May Mitchell, May Mitchellís path to becoming a dog trainer is a loop instead of a straight line via advanced degrees in German Literature and Business. Originally from Western Maine, she grew up with assorted animals, and includes her late father as one of her strongest influences in the field of animal training. After having lived and worked abroad, Mayís journey into dog training began seven years ago with her first performance dog. In addition to a large dog with tremendous drive, she happened to acquire a herding dog who had strong problem solving abilities and incredible persistence. She soon learned all about dog management, which led to dog training, obedience and herding, and realized along the way that the skills that served her well internationally and in business were excellent preparation for the science and craft of dog training.

May is a student of other cultures, including the world of dogs. Whether helping college students to understand German culture and feel comfortable expressing themselves in a foreign language at the University of Minnesota or translating market needs into real world products in the international business arena, she is a skilled teacher and communicator, a translator and liaison to bridge cultural gaps. May is able to help people understand their dogs and communicate better with them.

She has two Old English Sheepdogs and enjoys competing with a breed that is relatively rare in the ring in order to show what a versatile, hard-working breed these talented dogs are. She trains her dogs in Herding, Rally O, Obedience, K9 Nose Work, and Agility. She and her dog, Bernie, were listed in "Front and Finish" as the fifth ranking OES nationally in Rally Novice for 2009. She has been teaching with Casco Bay Dog Training Club since 2010, working her way up from an apprentice instructor. She has trained under the tutelage of her mentor, Marcia Welch, CPTD-KA in all venues listed above. May has also successfully completed herding clinics instructed by the nationally-renowned Bob Vest and Tenley Dexter. She has participated in obedience workshops with Nancy Droukas of Performance Plus Dog Training, Inc. and enjoys attending theoretical and practical seminars with speakers such as Jean Donaldson. She truly feels privileged to stand on the shoulders of giants, and strives to share more successes in the ring with her dogs as well as become a certified professional dog trainer. Currently May serves as a board member and Prize Chair for Casco Bay Dog Training Club.

She and her software developer husband are fulfilling a shared dream of practicing their callings in their home state and are restoring a 200 year-old farm house surrounded by fields and forests in Alna, Maine. In addition to training her sheepdogs in various venues, she has taught six chickens their individual names and to go into their coop on command as well as a house rabbit to come when called and not to chew electrical cords.

Pam Parker

Member, Pam Parker, CPDT-KA Winning "smallest in show" at the Dover Days Fair with her mini dachshund Anna was Pam’s entry into dog activities at the advanced age of 4. For the next 20 years, her life was filled with cherished but very poorly behaved dogs. Her life changed forever when she was handed an eight week old Australian Shepherd puppy with strict instructions from the breeder to "never let him get his way." Realizing that she had no idea how to follow those instructions, Pam enrolled in her first pet dog obedience class. Within 6 months, Moxie and Pam competed in their first obedience trail and conformation competition, earning 2 qualifying legs and taking best of breed twice. They finished Moxie’s CD title before he was a year old and his AKC championship shortly thereafter. But things never proceed as expected and when her second aussie developed serious dog aggression issues, Pam’s dog training and dog behavior education really began. Fortunately, Pam was introduced to the wise instructors with Casco Bay Dog Training Club who guided and supported both she and Sophie though the long, often frustrating, but incredibly rewarding journey from barely controllable maniac to national conformation finalist and canine good citizen. After about a year of taking (and retaking) classes with CBDTC, Pam was invited to become an apprentice instructor, graduating to lead instructor in 2001. Since then, she has taught countless puppy, beginner, beyond beginner, and CGC classes.  She is also an active foster home and foster home mentor for the Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH), the largest national Aussie rescue program.  Because of her experience with her own challenging dog and the rescues she has fostered, Pam is passionate about helping dogs and their handlers figure out the underlying reasons for behavior issues and obtain the skills necessary to be a safe and happy team. Pam is fascinated by animal behavior, and loves to watch dogs and handlers interact.  She strives to understand the challenges they face and the different ways they learn to help determine what tools might best assist them reaching their goals. Pam believes strongly that we must always have a "beginner’s mind" and continually be open to what every new experience can teach us.  She continues her own learning in animal behavior, obedience, conformation, agility, stock, and most recently canine nosework, by taking many classes, attending seminars and clinics and training and competing with her own dogs and a very large horse. Pam is a CGC evaluator and is pursuing therapy dog evaluator certification under nationally recognized organizations. Contact

Ann Walko

Ann Walko CPDT-KA, Annís dog training education originates in the guide dog world. She began as a volunteer puppy raiser in 2004 but was soon mentoring other raisers. Several years later she was employed at Guiding Eyes for the Blind as a Puppy Program Regional Manager. While there, she evaluated eight week old puppies for the temperament and confidence needed for guide dog work along with teaching group classes of volunteer raisers. She continues to help with the pups being raised in Maine after leaving Guiding Eyes and returning home.

She enjoys helping owners create great canine companions Ė having a dog that is enjoyable to be with and comfortable in many situations. Ann says, ďItís wonderful to watch the developing relationship between owners and their pups.Ē Her own dog, Jasek (a former Guiding Eyes dog), has obtained his Canine Good Citizen certificate, achieved his AKC Rally Novice title, and is currently preparing for his first NACSW K9 Nose Work trial.

Sue Morlan

Sue Morlan, Sue has been training dogs for competition for over 35 years, and instructing others individually and through classes for nearly as long. She has always lived with and worked with dogs. Her first "competition dog" was an Irish Setter from the shelter who earned a CD and CDX. Sue has attended many seminars and taken classes from a multitude of trainers. She feels that every dog has something to teach her and considers them her "mentors".

The fun of dog sports has led Sue to earn many titles and awards in several dog competition venues: conformation shows, obedience, tracking, herding & agility as well as dabbling in sledding, carting, retriever tests, nosework, & protection sports. She has, "thanks to some incredible dogs", earned such awards as High in Trial (obedience & herding) and National Specialty Best of Breed. Sue has finished more than 30 conformation championships. She has shown a variety of breeds for friends in AKC/CKC/UKC, from Chow Chows to Irish Wolfhounds and of course her own breed of choice, the Belgian Shepherd Dog (primarily Tervueren). She has handled a Greyhound , an Ibizan Hound, and Belgians to top 10 rankings in their breeds.

Sue has been an AKC herding trial judge and a UKC conformation show judge.
Over the years, Sue has taught dog training classes: show handling, puppy, companion, competition obedience (Novice through Utility), & herding. She has been an instructor for the LaSalle County Dog Training Club and Stone City Kennel Club in Illinois and for the Mid-Coast Kennel Club of Maine after moving to Maine in 1986. Sue is currently Vice President of the Mid-Coast KC, and an active member and past officer of several Belgian breed clubs. Sue has always been active in breed rescue: counseling owners, fostering and training dogs, placing them in new homes (and for difficult to place dogs, becoming their forever home).

Sue brings the perspective of a responsible breeder, exhibitor, and judge to her instruction. She is a student of breed characteristics, and believes it is important to understand and respect the original purpose of each breed (or breeds in mixed dogs) and how that affects the temperament, structure and movement, type and the training strengths and challenges of each dog. Her training philosophy is to "think like a dog - make it fun if you can- and if isn't fun for you and your dog, try something that you can enjoy together. It is all about the dog/human team." Sue loves working with people and dogs as they learn to enjoy each other through training, playing, and reaching goals together.

Professionally, Sue is a teacher of visually impaired children. At home, Sue and her partner Sue West live on a farm with a pack of happy house dogs (Belgian Shepherd Dogs - mostly Tervueren & a recently inherited Shetland Sheepdog), a few rescued cats, small cage birds, and a flock of sheep.
Sue is currently the conformation show handling class instructor for PBF.

Cindy Ratner is one of our agility instructors. She has had dogs since birth and has been training and competing with her dogs since the 1980ís. Her training emphasizes relationship, communication, and foundation. She is known for being very clear and motivational with her instruction and for holding classes that are relaxed, yet challenging. Her goal is to provide flexible instruction so as to meet the needs of the hobbyist as well as those of the serious competitor.

Cindy has lived with and/or trained dogs from every group, including mix- breeds and rescues. Her dogs have competed in and hold numerous titles in agility and obedience, have dabbled in herding and conformation, have modeled for print ads, and television commercials and have done therapy work. Her dogs have had several national and regional top ten rankings in multiple sports.

Cindy was bitten (pun intended) by the training bug while spending childhood summers hanging around her auntís obedience school. She has been an instructor since the late 1980ís when she taught both pet and competition obedience for Vacationland Obedience Training Club. She has conducted therapy groups for special-needs individuals with dog phobias and designed a self-awareness program for at-risk teens using dog behavior, training, and husbandry as a model. She currently teaches agility classes and seminars and offers private instruction in agility, pet obedience, and does behavioral consultations.

Cindy lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband, Jim, her son, Eli and her daughter, Delaney(when she is not away at Umass), who is also an accomplished agility competitor and instructor, having placed at and won several national championships, as well as the inaugural Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championship. They share their home with 4 dogs and one very tolerant kitty, Mabel.

You can reach Cindy at

Teri Robinson

Teri Robinson
Teri Robinson has over 20 years in animal care experience and has been teaching dog training classes for over a decade. Having the pleasure of working and living with dogs since early childhood, she understands the importance of the human/dog relationship and the joy that dogs bring to our daily lives. Her goal is to teach and encourage dog owners to have a better understanding of their dogs' behavior and believes that a healthy relationship starts with a good foundation. Using humane training methods, her focus is on the motivation of behavior and approaches training from a learning perspective. Using humor and training games, she likes to keep training fun for the handlers and dogs alike. Teri recently moved to Bath from Portland with her husband and 3 dogs; 2 Cardigan Corgis, Gimli and Brees and a Belgian Malinois; Zuzu. She enjoys agility, herding, rally-o & conformation with her dogs.

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